The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution

We like to think of conscious cosmetics as a kind of "Green revolution", where the nature returns to be hero becoming a precious ally and friend for our health and beauty;

Aggressive marketing leaves room for a return to awareness of what we apply to the skin and an awakening of consciousness regarding the damage that certain ingredients and materials cause to the environment and to humans.

The principles of this revolution are based onlistening to your body and in particular of their own skin, with its needs and its imperfections, which are not demonized but welcomed with naturalness and acceptance as constitutive of our own Being and respect for the environment, through the choice of raw materials of vegetable origin, grown with organic farming, biodegradable and packaged in alternative packagingi (bioplastic and glass) with low environmental impact.

Past and future meet to create cosmetics performers fruit of the most recent studies and discoveries in the vegetable field but with active and synergies of ancient local medicinal plants.

Another important principle of what we call the "green revolution" is the one for which you decide to buy only if really necessary, because we remember that the oversized purchase even if in the eco-bio sector does not agree with the principle of conscious purchase.

What were the revolutions if you do not desire change and awakening of consciences?

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