Tell me what skin you have and I'll tell you who you are!

Tell me what skin you have and I'll tell you who you are!

The choice of the right product turns out to be decisive for the health and beauty of our skin, first of all it is good avoid all products they contain mineral oils and silicones why not skin friendly, what does this mean?

These hydrocarbons Not they have affinity with our skin, they act as sheaths preventing on the one hand the loss of water but causing it over time dehydration, clogged pores and increased sebaceous production.
So, whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, avoid cosmetics that contain them, preferring high quality, skin-compatible and non-comedogenic vegetable oils such as: avocado oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil , sunflower oil, hemp oil, grape seed oil.

Ok, but now, what is my skin type?

Dry skin: fine skin texture with a tendency to crack and "wrinkle", you can also recognize it by that annoying sensation of skin that "pulls".
Do you still have doubts? Wash your face with a cleanser, do not apply creams or serums, after about an hour if the skin is tight and it feels dry, well, it's dry skin.

How to take care of it:
Opt for delicate cleansers and humectants, nourishing creams rich in vegetable oils and moisturizing active ingredients.

Mixed Skin: the most common type, the skin is dry in some places (generally the cheeks) and oily in others (T-zone, forehead, nose and chin); I will therefore have dry cheek skin and greasy and shiny T-zone skin.

How to take care of it:
Cleanse with light water-based products (gel or mousse), apply a purifying mask (green clay) once a week and use light emulsions based on emollient and non-occlusive vegetable oils, plant extracts with a sebum-regulating and anti-reddening action.

Oily Skin: it is a skin in which there is a hyper sebaceous production for which imperfections (blackheads and pimples) and the sensation of "greasy" and never clean skin are often found.

How to take care of it:
Oily or acneic skin is as delicate as sensitive, so we will have to use detergents with good degreasing power but not aggressive so as not to weaken the hydro-acid-lipidic film of the epidermis, use soothing tonics (chamomile) proceed with the application of light serums and gels with purifying, antiseptic but also calming and soothing active ingredients.

Sensitive Skin / Couperose : it is often found in fair-skinned and very fair-skinned subjects with blond or red hair but also in subjects who have become particularly sensitive due to physical or chemical damage. The skin is very delicate and subject to external stimuli whether they are of an emotional nature (stress, emotion) or of a physical nature (erythema caused by UV rays, cold), we realize this because the skin takes on an intense pink color.

How to take care of it:
Use a gentle cleanser that contains soothing, lightening and vasoprotective active ingredients, apply nourishing creams with UV filters to shield the sun's rays and restore the natural lipid barrier.

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