Custom Cleansing Box | Vanilla Chantilly


Wonderful box made in collaboration with Elbi Design tailoring laboratory specializing in natural and certified fabrics.

The Box is made up of a double-sided pad with a soft bamboo side and a delicately exfoliating linen side and our butter best seller Chantilly with Vanilla 100 gr.

The perfect gift for those who want to treat themselves to a delicate and fragrant pampering, performing an affinity cleansing.

Vanilla Chantilly Whipped Butter gently removes make-up and sebum leaving the skin soft and nourished. Its composition of only Shea Butters, Mango, Aloe Vera, Honey and Rice Starch makes it not only a pamper but a real multipurpose regenerating treatment to be used not only in the context of double cleansing but also on body and hair.

The soft pad allows you to completely remove the last traces of makeup and butter in a delicate way.

Why you should buy it:

The Pad is made entirely by hand and exclusively for us by Emanuela of Elbi Design with Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, not chemically treated, it represents a cuddle but also the ecological alternative to disposable discs in fact it is washable by hand or in the washing machine without fabric softener.

Our Multifunction Butter is a perfect gift because of its versatility of use not to mention its heavenly scent given by the Vanilla extract and Mandarin Essential Oil, you will want to eat it!


Handmade in Italy

Eco-certified fabrics

100% recycled and reusable box and filling


Functional ingredients

Mango and Shea Butters: emollient, mineralizing, nourishing and healing function.
Aloe Vera Juice:  performs a restorative and soothing action.
Honey: protective function.
Rice starch: antioxidant and matting function.

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