Masks and skincare

Masks and skincare

Welcome back to our blog, today we're talking about masks and the "effects" they have on our skin.

It doesn't matter whether you use a natural or synthetic fabric mask, their use, in fact, although it is essential for our protection and that of others, is an "unnatural" condition for our skin, which risks going haywire.

There are many effects caused by a more or less prolonged use of the mask, let's see together which ones:

Dryness: the humid environment created by breathing inside the mask causes an alteration of the hydro-acid-lipid barrier (the natural protection of our skin) causing dryness and dehydration.

Redness and irritation: the use of synthetic masks treated with sanitizers, dyes and preservatives and more enveloping masks such as FFP2 and FFP3 can cause contact irritation, dermatitis and redness which, if not adequately treated, require the support of a specialist.

Increased sebum production: the friction of the mask, the occlusion of the pores and the suddenness of humidity can worsen skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and dermatitis. In fact, we can find the appearance of pimples in the chin and nose area, even in non-predisposed subjects.

Prevention is better than cure

It is essential to cleanse the skin daily using delicate products, as cleansing milk, oils or butters.

There double cleansing, or the use of a cleanser that works by affinity (sebum-similar) together with a cleanser that works by contrast (which contains surfactants) is the best solution because it is complete, the first step serves to remove excess sebum, creams sunscreens and make-up (generally oil-based) while the second helps to remove particles of pollution, smog and oil residues.

After cleansing your face, apply a soothing tonic with moisturizing functional substances such as Hyaluronic Acid and a restorative cream, rich in oils, butters and botanical extracts and soothing, softening and re-epithelializing functional substances.

If you have one acneic, oily or impurities skin opt for one oil-free light cream or a serum, light textures will help you mattify the skin and ad hydrate it without greasing it.

Choosing the right mask is essential, masks that are too wide or too tight can make some skin situations worse, if you realize that the mask causes irritation or itching, change the type. 

Do not use silicone-based face creams or creams containing occlusive oils, in fact the pores will block producing even more sebum.

Try to avoid foundation and if you really can't do without it, choose eco-friendly ones. 

Our smart tips: 

Dry skin, flaking and redness: for your evening skincare routine, do a double cleansing with oil/butter and cleansing moussespray a soothing tonic and apply a cream rich in oils, butters and soothing, softening and protective functional substances; in the morning, cleanse the skin with a delicate product using a pad soaked in cleansing milk or tonic, apply the sunscreen. If you have furrows or bruises due to mask friction, opt for the application of pure butters or natural creams containing zinc oxide.

Acne-prone, oily, combination and blemished skin:  for your evening skincare routine, perform a double cleansing with oil/butter and a cleanser that contains surfactants to remove all traces of oil, smog, etc. proceed by nebulizing a tonic, alternating a purifying one (rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender) with a soothing one (chamomile, rose, cornflower, calendula), proceed with the application of an oil or cream with purifying but also soothing and restorative functional substances. In the morning cleanse the skin with a mousse, nebulize a tonic moisturizing and soothing and uses a serum or an oil-free cream but rich in functional softening and moisturizing substances. 

If you can, use fabric masks (cotton, bamboo), not only will your skin thank you for being in contact with natural fabrics, but so will the planet.

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