I'll tell you about me ...

Hi, I'm Irene and Maremma Officinalis is a dream come true.


You know when you want something so much that it is almost unattainable? Well, this was my case, for years I was trained without taking the famous "extra step" convinced that the cosmetic world was already saturated, until one day, the dream became so overbearing that I could no longer ignore it.


Suddenly everything took shape and like a puzzle each piece fit together perfectly; Each farm I visited represented a piece of the puzzle and became bigger and bigger, a big family at Km 0; Within the local network that I have created, there is no exploitation of resources and people, there is only a sense of belonging and help to achieve the same goal: to safeguard the present to guarantee a future.


Small steps and patience are the engine of the line, we produce small batches, we collect the plants by hand and we cultivate in rotation in order to safeguard an already extremely fragile ecosystem.


"I like to think of Maremma Officinalis as a project, of which I am the creator but which was realized only thanks to a much more important and fundamental source of inspiration: nature."

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Ethical Cosmetics: an added value

Natural or ethical cosmetics as I like to define it, is extremely effective and powerful on the skin, in chemistry if we wanted to make functional substances penetrate to the dermis we would have to create very small and synthetic molecules, but in nature we already have everything, think of vegetable oils or EOs powerful on the mind and emotions and able to even enter the bloodstream, or we think of the mineral oils that we find in INCI as "petrolatum" and "paraffinum liquidum", substances that have no affinity with the skin because our sebum does not it makes up and that often cause even stronger flaking and dryness.


I personally take care of every step, from the choice of raw materials, formulations, packaging to the relationship with the end customer, the beauty of being small is to be able to convey to the people you deal with the philosophy behind the line almost as if you were talking to a friend; I don't like intermediaries, customers and resellers must be able to personally contact me for any doubt or problem.